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Improve your business processes and get greater operational efficiency with easy access, user friendly and 100% customizable business process automation solutions. We develop business process automation which can deal with core processes, mission-critical and event-driven.

Enhance your business process management with customized business process automation solutions that results in quick Return on Investment (ROI), from important resource, cost and time savings.

By enforcing repeatable workforce and automating repetitive tasks, you can eliminate redundancies which are free from human error. Non-technical business users can develop workflows with reliability and speed. With elevated user experience and increased operational consistency, ensure compatibility, support, audit ability and enterprise security.


For improving execution of custom-built business processes solutions, our cross functional professionals help hundreds of customers by applying business process reengineer.


Different activities of business process automation like process re-engineering needs that our team has reliable and accurate business process documentation in hand to maximize success.


Prototyping verifies that solutions are user-friendly in nature and workflows operate smoothly. It verifies before investing more into the development of business automation solutions.


In core business requirements of an enterprise, it can classify and identifies the vulnerability.


To resolve client concern, queries and problems, you can take help of our customer representative render 24/7 support and assistance.


With existing infrastructure solutions, integrate the business process automation to improve your business and operational efficiency.

Domain Expertise

To ensure automating repetitive and streamlining process, we develop result oriented solutions that involves communication between IT environments and multiple business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Do you want to grow business and expand product lines with deep industry functionality and specific country? The enterprise resource planning from Wonderpillars Pvt. Tech. is just what you requires!

Business Performance Management

Use the business performance management solutions in order to achieve one or more pre-selected goals that are set of analytic and performance management processes. It enables the management of company’s performance.

Client Relationships Management

Client relationship management solutions assist business organizations in driving sales growth and client retention. For analyzing and managing data and customer interactions through the client lifecycle, our business organizations use technologies, strategies and policies.

Corporate Management

For managing and monitoring the business performance of an enterprise, get innovative, custom-built, user friendly and scalable corporate management solutions. It supports our continuous growth of business performance of any organization.

Supply Chain Managementt

For responding and sensing to the client demand, our cross functional experts create an innovative, flexible and personalized supply chain. With easily accessible supply chain management solutions, increase asset utilization and co-operation better.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems help you take decision and action on different objects with real-time. You can easily recognize your weakness and strengths due to the presence of performance reports and revenue reports of employees.

Our Business Process Automation Features

Business process automation solutions which is easy to up-to-date, powerful, and customer-based and user friendly are personalized applications that adapt to the business changes of clients in real time.

Case Management

To meet the customer’s health requires, get a collaborative solution that evaluates the services and assess plans.

Knowledge Management

With custom-built knowledge management services, you can maximize the information resources, value and utilization of your knowledge.

Work Flow Management

We plan and monitor the performance of an organization for controlling and improving business applications.

Project and Portfolio Management

For improving your business performance, our organization applies project management and portfolio management practices.

Dataflow Management

Dataflow management permits customers to stream data in near real time into their data warehouse.