Modern Age Digital Branding

In the digital age of the 21st century branding is something that has also become digital. Gone are the days when branding used to be pressed on to a box or a bag with melted iron now everything everywhere is done digitally. Digital branding is basically a technique of brand management that uses the combination of techniques of internet branding and digital marketing to develop and make a particular brand grow over a varied range of digital stages, like relationships based on the internet, various applications that will work on various devices and media content spreading awareness about that particular brand.



Unlike digital marketing who’s main aim is to spread awareness and make sales of a particular online business, the purpose of digital branding is to connect the customer to the product. It is to develop a particular brand in such a way that the customer connects with the brand. The brand itself becomes the identity of the entire company in such a way that its brand is how it is recognized as in the entire digital world.

But the proper establishment of a brand involves a few steps,

  • The first one is to build a proper digital brand story
  • There should be creativity in digital media and marketing. There should be enough creativity to reel in customers from all around the world hence marketing strategies should always be new improving and innovative. If customers come across something they have already seen before the chances of them being reeled in towards that particular brand or a product is very low.
  • Proper content made up of the consumer habits and buying preferences should be distributed to everyone concerned and marketing strategies should be made in that way, keeping those particular things in mind.
  • Creation of digital relationships is very important because one has no idea when and how a relationship made online can come of use. Digital relationships are also important if one wants to make other websites promote his brand.

Keeping all of these things in mind is very hard for someone who is being thrown into this for the very first time. So it would be better if someone who has been in this business for a long long time took over the reigns of this department and Wonder Pillar does just that.

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Various channels of Digital Branding

  • New media marketing channel- new media, the term may be confusing but new media basically means social media sites. All the social media sites that hosts numerous numbers of people daily are the best way to advertise in turn to create awareness about a particular brand. It is simple and also reaches out to millions of people at one time and thus it is very time saving.
  • Display Advertising- advertising of the brand via banners and posters on different sites for people to see in such a way that even if one person is on a different site the ad regarding another brand or the brand concerned will pop up on that particular site to make awareness about that particular brand.
  • Internet branding- which is further done by email marketing, online PR, search marketing, social media etc all these channels are used to make the customers connect with a particular brand
  • Game advertising- inserting 20 30 second advertisements in between levels of a particular game. Sometimes the ads do not allow you to skip it in a way making you remember the brand and actually take notice of it which would not have happened if you had skipped it.
  • Video advertising- the advertisements that we see in between videos is what video advertising is all about. It is to attract the watcher towards the brand as he or she is already too intrigued into the video that they were watching to move their eyes away they usually end up watching the entire advertisement and become aware.
  • SMS marketing-marketing through SMS so that it reaches people who are not on the internet is also a way of reaching out to more and more people.

So many channels of digital branding, ascertaining which one will be suitable for you to take is hard. Thus, Wonder Pillar technologies limited does that job for you. They not only utilize one but all of the above mentioned channels to make sure that your digital branding is done properly and in a way that you will be satisfied with.

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