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Developing competitive edge and accelerating innovation across industries worldwide. Get the best IT development and solutions capabilities to achieve targeted revenue.


  • Agriculture : Providing custom agriculture solutions to improve and grow agriculture, farming profitability and livestock. Bringing growth, ingenuity and experience to market. We have agriculture solutions for growing world.
  • Airline and aerospace : Innovations are for decision making for digital solutions. Digital solutions enable to remain fast and fly high while being on the go. A new era in airlines conceived and perceived by our solutions.
  • Automotive : Get an accurate and result-oriented technique with Hi-speed automotive solutions. Professionals of Wonderpillars Pvt.Tech. have helped many companies in automotive industry and these companies take advantages of competitive market.
  • BFSI : With a digitally empowered suite of robust financial applications, monetize data assets. Secure new opportunities and address the market changes to outsmart the competitors with our BFSI solutions.
  • Corporate and Professionals : Improving and reducing downtime in corporate and professional sector of enterprises. Businesses have to remain a step ahead digitally and technologically with the help of digital, scalable and IT products solutions.
  • Energy : For a relevant tomorrow, build efficient power and energy transmission. Improvise the availability of your network for efficient and reliable operations with our energy management system.
  • E-learning and Education : Transform knowledge to the core with new-age learning solutions. Our great learning environment enables students and faculty to learn smartly and interact effectively.
  • Ecommerce and Retail : With portal development solutions, Re-imagine retail capabilities and ecommerce. Reduce operational costs, increase conversions and improve traffic with our ecommerce and retail solutions.
  • Entertainment & Gaming : Interactive and immersive place is for revolutionize gaming experience with end-to-end. Now, gaming and entertainment sector is more interactive to attract a new generation of customers.
  • E-GOVERNANCE & PSU : At all levels of government through convenient, connect with employees and citizens. Get the power to deliver services quickly and interact with citizens efficiently.
  • High-Tech : Keeping you always connected with IT solutions and cutting edge development. Synchronize and integrated operations for reduced costs and increased efficiency.
  • Hospitality and Travel : For restaurants, ticketing firms and hotels, we offer advanced application solutions and frameworks. Wonderpillars provide a range of web solutions to new as well as leading names of the hospitality and travel sector.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical : To transform the end-user experience, rethink patient care and Pharmaceutical processes. It enables the medical facilities to have the finest website solutions.
  • Logistics and Transportation : To improve logistics efficiency to the core, supply chain management solutions. Our transportation and logistics services are inspired to ensure real time support and communication.
  • Media & Marketplace : Leverage the opportunities in social media, cloud and mobile. We provide multifunctional, scalable and powerful platform for media and marketplace.
  • Manufacturing : You can eliminate the reliance on vendors of third-party for data and other different services with our agile IT solutions for the industry of manufacturing.
  • Oil & gas : Let you draw maximum value from your offshore and onshore operations with our solutions for your oil and gas sector business. Manage better performance of your operating assets.
  • Real estate : With our solutions, experience the power of complete real estate management lifecycle that enables you to choose the level of structure you require.
  • Telecommunications : Improve your operational efficiency with our telecommunication services with better information flow across networks.
  • Utilities : Our utility service can bring in integration and automation to upscale your business to the next level. We offer utility services like water, gas, internet and electricity.