The 21st century has become so dependent on the internet, that we have forgotten things which before used to be a necessity. Things like phone books, dictionary etc are no longer of use. People always turn towards the internet nowadays to get their work done. Not only is the internet faster but it provides a lot of options which is not always available online.

Thus, as the internet has been evolving so has the industries around it. Businesses have very well adapted to the ways of the internet and are slowly moving from the offline industry to the online industry. Everything and anything is always available online. From clothes to groceries to services and even doctor’s appointments everything can be booked online. Thus, it is not a surprise that all the up and coming industries also want a spot online. The reason for this is very simple, they want to reach out to the masses which is very easy via web-optimization.


What is it?

Now, questions may arise that what is web-optimization? Web-optimization is basically, optimizing and designing from scratch a website in such a way that it ranks higher in the search list of similar websites than its competitors.

Why is it important?

It is in the nature of human beings to be lazy, and it is actually a fact that 97% of people always choose which website to look into for the product of service that they are looking for from the first page of the search results itself. So basically, the facts and figures are trying to say that if one is not on the first page of the search engine, if their website does not come up in the first page after the customer looks for particular keywords, there are chances that their online site will get very less traffic and thus no profit or sales.

But web-optimization is not something that everyone knows about, and there is where companies like Wonder Pillar comes in. With their professional services Wonder Pillar makes sure to get your site on the first page. They not only do their work properly but also make sure to look after the page so that it does not shift to the second page via their maintenance services. Thus, when Wonder Pillar is taking care of this side of the business rest assured that your website will for sure reach the highest number of people. And once that happens you can concentrate on the thing you do best and that is creating products for your customers that they will actually be convinced to invest in.


Different optimization needs of different businesses

Another important point to note here is that different businesses will have different web-optimization needs. All businesses will not need the same kind of optimization. For example, a seller will need to figure out how he/she can increase purchases and how to increase the average order value, so that people are lured towards his products in comparison to the others. So he will have to go through his customer base for that and gather facts regarding what type of products consumers are actually looking for. But the same will not be the case for booking online appointments. If you are offering online services you have one kind of service to offer, so you will have to optimize your website in such a way that the audiences find your offered service better than other similar website offering the same services. Such can be done by making the front page look presentable as that is the first thing customers get attracted to.

But if you are a newbie then it is very hard for you to understand these things on your own. People who have been in the business for years will obviously beat you to it and there is where comes in Wonder Pillar. With the services that Wonder Pillar offers you can easily leave it onto them to analyse and then finalise which kind of optimization your website will need and how to achieve it. You can rest assured that in their professionals’ hands your website will be not only optimized correctly but also in the most efficient way.


Just like how different businesses need different kinds of web-optimization. The goals of these different businesses are also different. For example, if an eCommerce business’s main goal is to increase customer base to in turn increase sales. The goal of a blog site will be to increase the number of viewers. Wonder Pillar helps you in determining your goals from beforehand so that later on you can only concentrate on achieving them.

Web optimization also includes increasing the speed of and reliability of a website's performance. For which Wonder Pillar has its maintenance team who make sure that the website is easy to navigate, because there are times that websites lose audiences because of their errors and also inability to perform well in front of them.